Who we are | Tristate Homes

Who we are:
Tristate Homes is an award winning home builder specializing in custom, semi-custom, infill, and pre-constructed housing in Edmonton and surrounding areas.
The company was started over 5 years ago from a long history of experience and understanding of construction, engineering and business. Tristate has done exceptionally well, having since doubling our volume of homes every year since 2011.


Why we are the right choice for you and your family:
Your Tristate home is built by a team of professionals who ensure that every nut, bolt, and material that goes into it is of the highest quality.

When you move in, your family will enjoy making memories while having the peace of mind that you are doing so in a well constructed, quality home.

Your home is built on a solid foundation because so is our company.

“Home is a state of mind"